Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Aspirations - Saspirations - At Your Stations, Go!

Whakatauki - Māori Proverb

Ko te mutunga oranga, he timatanga kaha! - Winning starts with beginning!

This meme cracks me up, his eye rolling, classic!

Kia ora koutou
...Yes, the new year 2016 is almost upon us...and, yes it's that time when people like me consciously decide to change for the better, BUT - it usually involves a shit load of effort, time, money, and 100% commitment. I ask myself can I really do this?  Yeah, nah....

So, this new year I have decided that - yes I will make some changes, some improvements (I'm being realistic), all the while doing/giving the best I can and enjoying the journey.

Big Curly Hair Goals for 2016

  1. Save money
  2. Reduce debt (motherfucken student loan from a million years ago with compound interest)
  3. Achieve Level 4 in te reo Māori
  4. Drop down a dress size
  5. "Stop and smell the roses", love myself....
Glad to say I'm already on the path of achieving the first three, working on 4 & 5. Here's some digits:  
11 100, 15 723, 89.8 - these will change each week, for better or worse lol.

Change One

Went to a book sale last year and picked up a book for a $1 called Change One, I thought it would come in handy one day - sure enough, that day has come.

In summary, this book is about a practical way to lose weight - simply, safely and forever.  So, each week I will be changing one thing in my diet eg; first week - change my breakfast, second week change my lunch and so on....until I have changed what I eat  throughout the day + I will be walking for exercise (building up to running).  I will weigh myself each Monday, hopefully see  the digits go down.  :)

Nailed It!

Since I have been busy at work and haven't had time or the will for card making or sewing :(  I have been fulfilling my artyfartyness by way of nail art - I have been prettying up my own talons, such a cheap and fun way of nourishing the creative soul and is quite aesthetically pleasing :)  Check out this link - she is absolutely amazing:   Drømmelakken

Kupu Hou - New Word

kī taurangi - 1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to promise, guarantee, vow, make an oath, pledge, assure, swear an oath.
                      2. (noun) promise, guarantee, vow, oath, pledge, word, word of honour, assurance.

panoni - 1. (verb) (-hia,-tia) to change.  2. (noun) change. 

matikuku - 1. (noun) nail (of a finger or toe), hoof.  2. (noun) claw, talon.

...Yup it's been awhile, I have missed blogging about my Big Curly Hair journey.  Thanks for visiting :)

Ka kite ano
BCH :)

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